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Ways to Contribute to St. Patrick’s Church Community

1. Please consider signing up for Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) so that your contribution will come directly out of your account once a month. This method of giving ensures that St. Patrick’s Church community can budget more accurately the ordinary revenue received through regular contributions. 

Forms to set-up Pre-authorized Deposit are available from the Office: 902-429-1300

2. Boxes of Giving Envelopes are also available, if you prefer to give your contribution this way. Please contact the Office to arrange: 902-429-1300 

3. E-transfers: Donations can be made to St. Patrick's by E-transfer with no password requirement. The parish email address is
Please use the message area to indicate your donation is for St. Patrick’s when you make the transfer to insure your donation is accounted for correctly. Include your envelope number if you have one.


4. Cheques: Please make out all cheques to St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi Parish and note that the cheque is for St. Patrick’s. On your contribution envelope, please ensure you check the box for St. Patrick’s.

5. We also ask that you please consider in your Estate Planning and Will Preparation, making a bequest of a portion of your estate to St. Patrick’s. Please ask how this could be done to suit your goals and to help St. Patrick’s Church by contacting the Office: 902-429-1300

Thank you for your ongoing generosity

and care for St. Patrick’s Church

Click on the link below to learn more about the historic significance
of our church that your donations will help to preserve.

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