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Restoration Society supporters recognize the magnificent St. Patrick’s Church as more than average real estate. It transcends religious denominations. It is part of our heritage.

Restoration Society Progress Report - March 2017

  1. New gas fired furnace (2010).

  2. Construction of new wheelchair access ramp.

  3. Construction of new portico to church entrance.

  4. Substantial electrical upgrades including new electrical power source, panel and lighting replacement.

  5. Temporary removal of granite pinnacles and stabilization of the tower to ensure public safety.

  6. Lightning protection installed and Fire Alarm system upgrades.

Note: During the last 2 years $250,000.00 has been invested in upgrades all related specifically to church preservation and restoration.


1918 Casavant organ

Circa 1918. Photograph courtesy of the Casavant Frères Archives 1955-05-04

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Restoration Board Members

Rick Butler – Co-Chair

Pat Crowley

Colleen Doucette

Deacon Art Mitchell

Andrew Murphy

Pat O’Neil                                         

Carol Reiniger

Kay Ross

Bryson Wilson 

St. Patrick Casavant Organ

Present Day, fully functioning Casavant organ

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